I follow a very popular Batman blog and then I saw the words ‘Batman: Europa’ and ‘November 18’. I am excited an nervous considering that this project was last announced way back in 2011 and the POOF! It was pulled from the weekly DC solicits page. I was disappointed but I got over it considering that Jim Lee is a very high demand artist and he was working on the DC Online Universe at the time, not to mention several high profile projects since. I do hope that this is the real deal. It is a very good time to be a Batman fan whether you are a veteran or someone who just read the latest Batman issue and want to know more about the character.

It’s also exciting for someone like me. While I don’t collect all 20 issues of any Bat related comics and drop $40 a week like I used to, I still do my best to keep an eye on what’s going on. When I saw these latest announcement, i felt it was time to jump back and start blogging again. This isn’t my first rodeo. I started reading 10 years ago but I cut down to budgeting about six years back. I never wavered from my passion of the art form. This is why I am grateful for libraries.

I am very excited that comics are getting the mainstream respect that they deserve. I hope to use this blog as a platform to discuss comics, nerdy things and just be silly. I have made some wonderful friends over the last several years because of passion for the art form. It’s been a wild ride.


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