I am a girl and I like comics. I have been an avid lover of the sequential art form since 2005. I have been to Comic Con four times. I have also been to Long Beach Comic Con as well as Wonder Con. I have met various artists and writers from the medium. I have written fic, done cosplay (but not ‘professionally’), written academic papers on comics and had pieces reblogged on women and comics related blogs.

Once at SDCC, I cosplayed as Harley and I had an extended and in-character chat with Jim Balent over one of our favorite rock bands.

I plan to keep this blog focused on Gotham, specifically the ladies. I will also take the opportunity to spotlight any intriguing books, stories and any series that catches my fancy. My current pull list as of August 2015 is limited to Harley Quinn. I don’t follow the current Catwoman monthly as the idea of Selina Kyle having a ‘presence’ as a mob boss gives her too much visibility. Cats are solitary and are mysterious. Their loyalties are to themselves only. It is not that despise what the current writer is doing. I am just indifferent  to the idea of Selina having such ‘public’ prominence. It just doesn’t excite me.

Aside from Gotham girls and Bat related books, I have read various other comics that I felt didn’t get as much love as they deserve.

We will see how this journey goes.


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