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This is very irresponsible of me.

Wondercon report: I only went for Friday. It was a pleasant experience but not without its hurdles though some of it was of my doing. I left around 11 (The con would open at noon) but I didn’t get into the actual floor until around 1:30 in spite of the fact that I live half an hour from LA. Traffic at noon and the infamous gridlock in Downtown slowed me down. I was also surprised at how long it took to get badges. At SDCC and Anaheim they just take you and scan you in. It didn’t wait that long and I got to see what I wanted to see.

I met Paul Dini and got him to sign a Harley Quinn Lil Gotham figure. I knew he was going to be there at the con for a panel but I was surprised to see him signing at the DC booth. I figured ‘What the heck’. There was maybe about 30 people in front of me. Had I know he was going to do this I would have brought my ‘Streets of Gotham’, ‘Gotham City Sirens’ trade paperbacks or BTAS (Batman: The Animated Series) DVDs. We had a pleasant convo. He complimented the toy I brought and said that he had a lot of them on his desk. I asked him about Harley and how in recent years she has been moving away from Mistah Js influence. There is this divide the the HQ fandom regarding this. Some people think she should be tied to him. Others, like me, think that she has grown a lot since doing her own thing. Dini’s response was that he was happy for the change and that had he stayed longer on the Detective book he would have had them ‘divorce’. He was glad that DC went through the change as he didn’t want her to stay in that role of always saying ‘Yes, Mistah J’.

He also mentioned that he had written three eppies that would feature her in the new Justice League cartoon and that they would only have her as the main character and not as J’s sidekick. He did imply that there was one where they were together.

I had the same toy signed by Dustin Nguyen. He was surprised to find out from me that his Streets of Gotham collaborator was there. I got a sketch book from him and he gave me a free print. Very pleasant. When I was driving home I was mentally kicking myself for not bringing ‘Streets of Gotham’ or his latest, the DC Comics Super Hero Society Study Hall of Justice. It’s a fun read with the DC characters reimagined as kids in a boarding school.

I didn’t cosplay but I wore my Loki dress and wore make-up inspired by the character. I picked up some brochures from the Greater Los Angeles Writers group and Illustrators of LA. I also ran into the booth that is run by the father of two kids whom I know from school. He himself wasn’t there but his helpers were. I found out that this gentleman works at Cedars Sinai in the ‘day’. Actually, he has the nightshift. Hey, whatever it takes to make that dream happen, right? It was actually inspiring.

The floor was very easy to walk around. MUCH better than in San Diego. In SDCC, it’s not unusual to walk around sideways to get between a stroller and the idiot who is looking and is taking up space even though they could stand to move a foot or two. I walked away with a very awesome shirt from Graffitti Designs. I ried to aim for Comic Con but maybe it will be Long Beach or Comikaze in the Fall.


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