Very underwhelming and very disappointed. Margot Robbie’s Harley was a highlight as was Killer Croc and El Diablo but the whole thing was like an overstuffed sandwich with too many ingredients put together. You know how some people that Ingredient X is good and Ingredient Y is great and then think that mixing them together only to create something that doesn’t go well? That is Suicide Squad. I had such high hopes but I can honestly say that as a comic book fan, I was displeased how Harley was reduced to a love sick fan girl. This contradicts the characterization that the writers and artists at DC have been trying to undo the last ten years. I was even more disappointed to see that Joker was nothing more than a love sick fool whose focus was on Harley and not Batfleck.

I DID like Jay Hernandez as Diablo. Everyone rants and raves about ‘complex’ characters who have nuanced moral compasses. I found El Diablo intriguing because he was a gangster who was genuinely interested in reforming. Everyone else seemed to be too proud or just didn’t care.

I also liked Killer Croc. “I am beautiful”. Yes, you are, darling.

I plan on writing a more detailed and thorough analysis sometime this weekend. It’s late and I plan on rewatching it with a friend Friday night and on Saturday, I will be out all day. I have some plans on Sunday but I need a day or two to process how disappointed I was. I wasn’t expecting something on the level of ‘The Dark Knight’ but damn, I was so unimpressed.




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