CaM struck a home run with the second issue. More of my questions were answered and why Bonnie came to Adystria is established. We meet more (but not) all of the important characters and people I wondered about.

The name Adystria stood out to me. I really couldn’t find anything about its meaning other than the ADYS part of Adystria is a anagram of the word ‘days’ which makes sense in a way because Adystria is the place where the ‘good people’ go.

A fantasy would not be a fantasy without some sort of quest or divine intervention. What makes Reborn a fantasy is not just the goblins, anthropomorphic beings or medieval like imagery. You see, Bonnie is an important figure in the series because she is the ‘Chosen One’ who will save Adystria from the Dark Lands. One of the reasons I really don’t like this trope is because it takes away the ability to choose. What about free will? CaM are neither the first or the last ones to use this idea and I give them a pass because this is Bonnie’s story and in real life, just as in fantasy, we are handed things that we did not choose (family, socio economics, schools) and it isn’t those things that define us but HOW we respond to them.

Bonnie is given this big task. She questions why she is being given this big task. It turns out that Bonnie was a grade school teacher. I thought this was touching. I am currently in a credential program and I have worked in schools. I have often heard about how teaching is a ‘noble’ profession but some days it doesn’t feel that way. You have administrative demands, conference periods, grading papers, after school activities, behavioral problems, the possibility of someone being abused and you are the only life line, an assistant principal who is very difficult, parents who don’t care, parents who micromanage, time away from your family at home. You are supposed to take all this with a grin and to bear it.

Bonnie’s reward in this afterlife is that she is not only the Chosen One but that she is Unbeatable. Her father’s optimism, especially after his violent death is especially refreshing.

We meet other people who were in Bonnie’s life. The results were…unexpected. Her reunion with her best friend who was a devout Christian was ill received. What she saw when she came to the other side clashed with her beliefs and it broke her. She is now Queen of the Faeries and it looks like this won’t be the last time we see her because it is implied that Bonnie’s friend, Estelle had mentioned her to her minions prior to her arrival. In Adystria, it turns out that everyone comes in at various ages. Bonnie’s father came in at age 3. I do hope that this is explained. I can understand everyone arriving to Adystria during their physical prime but it turns out that this isn’t the case.

It’s also implied why Bonnie’s mother isn’t in Adystria. That one panel that focuses on Big Tom’s eyes said it all. Is she part of the Dark Lands? If so, why?

Finally, we meet Golgatha who is the big bad of the series. He looks like Chernabog from Fantasia but he isn’t a perfect reproduction. This is where we also meet one of Bonnie’s old house pets, a cat named ‘General Frost’. His reasons for being in the Dark Lands is rather humorous but not really if you are a feline. Add gallows humor to another reason why you should get Reborn.


I don’t like fantasy or sci fi too much because there is that possibility that I have to accept things because…Duh, magic! Capullo and Millar have created something where I am able to suspend my disbelief and get a story that has some heart and grit. I love it!


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