I admit that it took me a long time to read this comic. I don’t like digital downloads. I am one of those dinosaurs who has to wait for it to get into my hands. I tried reading it two years ago when it came out but I just couldn’t get into it. Too many characters and I wasn’t that familiar with the others. I read one of the volumes the other and decided to start from the beginning. I am glad I did. “Injustice” is one of those ‘big event’ comics that demonstrate how comics should be written. I think one of the reasons it has been so successful apart from being a video game tie in is the fact that the creators can take a lot more risks (emotional and $$$) without losing their core readers. ‘Injustice’ isn’t a comic I would recommend to new comics fans unless they have some sort of basic knowledge of the DC universe. The premise of ‘Injustice’ a ‘what if’ scenario that begs the question: What if Superman were to cross the line because of something really bad that happened to him at the machinations of his friend’s archnemesis, the Joker? The consequences will be messy, there will be strong support and criticism. You want to side with him but at the same time, you know what he is doing is wrong. You think ‘I don’t agree with what he did, but I can see why he did it.’

I have never picked up an issue of ‘Green Lantern’ or ‘Green Arrow’ but even I found myself being emotionally invested in what happened to them. It’s hard for me to ‘care’ about a character I have a marginalized understanding of. A lot of the times, when you have big stories like this, there are always going to be allegiances and switching sides. Everybody always has an agenda. The writer Tom Taylor makes this work because he stays true to the characters. He makes them more than just convenient cameos. For some characters, he adds some humor (Harley Quinn/Green Arrow’s interactions). We see other points of view of what it’s like to live under a tyrant (J’onn Johns). Wondy has her own agenda (she wants to bed Supes). It works because Tom Taylor makes it so that you get a little invested in everyone. Even if you hate the character, you wonder what will happen to them.

You feel Superman’s rage.

You also fear for anyone who might fall under his wrath.

You understand the Flash where if you are under stress, that some days you just want to run.

My favorite part of the book was when Superman and Catwoman are having a small talk and she tells him to not forget about the ‘little guy’ while he is out there.

Did I mention that I really enjoyed this book because of the interesting interactions between characters you would normally not see together? I found myself smiling, gasping and shaking my head. It’s hard for me to get emotionally involved over fictional characters, much less a whole universe of them and this is coming from someone who hasn’t play a game since Sega Genesis. (I am showing my age here.)

To me, this book was a heavy read on account that I have no real familiarity over a large number of the characters except in passing much less never having played the game. I enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

If you enjoyed Batman vs. Superman and would like an extra fix, this is a great companion piece.


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