The third issue of this series introduces us to the more darker elements of…the Dark Lands. We also find out that Bonnie’s strengths are growing. We see that the Faeries were indirectly involved with Bonnie and her father being captured and being sent to Il Mago. What does Estelle have to do with this? I am starting to wonder if Estelle used her fairies to keep and eye on Bonnie only for them to diverge after they were paid by the marauders to catch her.

I really loved Greg Capullo’s pencils of Il Mago’s quarter. It is an industrial style Red Light district. He did an amazing job creating a very seedy underworld of sin with just one panel.

We also find out that Lord Golgotha’s lover is a lion headed dragon and that General Frosty has his own reasons for capturing Bonnie.

What stood out to me from this issue was when I found out that Bonnie’s former friend’s husband died. If this series is about being reborn, how does one die? We do know that in this world, dragons devour flying elephants with wings made out of mechanical parts. Is Adystria another realm after this world. Is there another plane beyond it?

The issue was a lot of action, introduction of more characters with some plot going forward. The cliff hanger was scary as Hell!



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