Part 2 of ‘Afterbirth’ is a visual feast. In terms of plot, it is a whole issue dedicated to Harley and her team beating up on the dastardly and devious undead. There is a lot of action and I think this issue was made to showcase the two artists, Chad Hardin who does  the first half of the issue while John Timms finishes it off.

I have a confession to make. I don’t analyze art and the strange this is that I just signed up for my second art class. I studied something else and I have gotten to a point in my life where I think back and I wish I had taken up illustration as my major. In fact, I even went to Michaels and I bought a beginner’s guide on how to draw people. I say this because I don’t think it is fair to judge an artist because everyone has a unique take on a character. If everyone drew this same, then variants would lose their appeal. That’s one reason why I never got into anime but that is beside the point. What I am saying is that Timms and Hardin both bring something precious to the Harley book.

Hardin’s thick lines give depth and weight to the characters. I really like how he has given Harley a lot of volume on the ninth page where she is falling from the building.

In contrast, Timms has given Harley some thinner lines which make her look lightweight (as she should but her appetite says otherwise). I really love how Timm’s makes Harley look like a killer dancing ballerina on the fifth page. I really cannot pick a favorite between these two because to me they both  have a talent for reinterpreting Harley. Hardin gives her that grit and weight with her proportions. I also noticed that when it comes to contrast, he adds double lines. Or cross stitching. Timms on the other hands captures Harley’s more sylph-like qualities by using less lines. They both capture character dynamics in their own way.

I really love the Bill Sienkiewicz variant cover. It’s otherworldly, creepy dark carnival would be the perfect cover for a Sam Keith scribed Bat book. I love Connor’s morbid sense of humor. It’s Bugs Bunny on acid. I really love how Bill had depth to Harley’s posterior. All that running from zombies or pudding has got to put a work out on the gluteal muscles.


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