I have never seen any of the other Lego movies. I don’t have any small children but I knew I had to see this one. The trailers looked good and I had this gut instinct that I just ‘had’ to see it. I am glad I listened. The movie is full of Easter eggs. It’s perfect for long time fans of Batman lore, casuals with kiddies and of course, the kids themselves will love it. I do like that they inject a lot of references but I get tired of too many pop culture references. Then again, I am not the target demographic and I did watch the movie thinking that the children watching this will hear ‘Man in the Mirror’ by MJ and think ‘Hey, that’s from the Lego Batman movie’ and then discover Michael’s vast discography. I hope they do with whatever caught there attention and believe me, there was a lot (Classic Horror Movie monsters made cameos because of a WB connection).

The Easter eggs were  a treat. There were plenty of references to the 60s TV show which were significant in number but I also saw references to the Tim Burton franchise and the animated series. I loved the quick and you miss it Prince reference. I was actually laughing very hard and had to check myself a few times. I was that giddy. The humor focused more on references and quips. It’s not a ‘serious’ movie. In that sense, I think it’s a breath of fresh air compared to what I usually see in the comics. I think a large part of its popularity is that it is anti ‘grim and gritty’ Batman. It introduced pretty much all of the characters of Batman lore without turning it into a history test of “Who’s who”. They even included villains such as ‘King Tut’ and ‘Condiment King’ from the animated series.

Finally, I want to acknowledge and give a shout out to DC/WB for touching upon something that has been teased in the comics and more recently in other media (movies and games). I am talking about the gay subtext between Batman and Joker. I heard about this on tumblr but I just assumed it was the fangirls putting too much into it. I personally do think this element does exist in their dichotomy and it should be acknowledged by DC. They have been doing it slowly but surely. It’s been teased in the Arkham games but the only thing that is ‘canon’ is Thomas Wayne/Batman and Martha Wayne/Joker which I took away as them representing the ‘romantic/sexual’ undercurrent that existed and it was the only way that DC was willing to play that card. Anyway, I went to see it and…..it wasn’t subtle.

  1.   Joker talks about ‘their relationship’.

Batman: “I don’t do ships. As in relationships” That is such a nod to the tumblr fans.

2. Joker getting all excited when Batman says ‘us’ at the end reminded me of their interaction in ‘Europa’ #1.

3. When Batman needed to create a human bridge and he connected with Joker while Robin/Dick connected with Harley. Not only that but how come Catwoman play a bigger role. Barbara was the obvious love interest here but that didn’t really go anywhere. Now that I think about it, maybe that was intentional. How many times has the female character been written as a ‘love interest’? Babs had too big a role that making her Batman’s love interest would have been redundant. I am not thinking that the various little ‘eggs’ we have such as Dick saying ‘my two dads’ and the Joker using language that a scorned ex would say was to draw the adult audience to that direction.

I enjoyed it.




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