In the second part of ‘Nether Regions’, the plot further expands on what was established in the previous issue. Just a little reminder, and Beware, thar will be spoilers.

  1. A naked cat alien being wishes to take over the world. He has no clear goal as to why and he is more fodder for laughs than a genuine threat.
  2. The real threat is in the city with the Mayor’s assistant Ms. Berkowitz instigating a scheme so that she can look good. I am more scared of her than the pantsless intergalactic being.
  3. Harley Sinn returns and her job is to kill Mason Macabre.
  4. Harley is in there….somewhere.

I like all of these ideas but I would personally prefer them to be done as single issues than to be crammed up together. I wouldn’t mind if they only lasted as one or two issues just like they did before. I know that the creative team’s thing is putting in Easter Eggs which is why I feel as though I am biting the hand that feeds me but from an aesthetic perspective, I would be a little more invested if it was linear. Then again, this is Harley comic and I guess asking for some symmetry would work against the tone of the book since it was built on zaniness.

The highlight was seeing Harley use her psychology and people skills to appeal to Zorcrom’s better nature and to prevent him from taking over the planet. She also does this appealing to his stomach. He was never that threatening a character as he was basically a walking penis joke but I did enjoy seeing Harley be the rational one and explain to Zorcrom why taking over the world’s resources and making everyone your slave just is not practical or realistic. She breaks it down as if she is talking to a teenager with a tantrum. I am starting to believe that this is actually some type of political commentary. I wish Harley would speak at the UN in all her demented Princess Leia deliciousness.

The return of Harley Sinn was a nice surprise but I would have preferred that she would have made her appearance a little further down. I think she is a fascinating character in that she is a mentally ill woman who is kind of like Syndrome from “The Incredibles”. She is also Harley’s own personal manifestation as an obsessed ‘fan’. Harley Sinn gets lost in the shuffle of the other three stories. I would cut off the Zorcrom subplot and I would be happy with the Berkowitz/Zombies and Harley Sinn storyline by themselves, even without Harley involved.

The creators have a knack for comedy, drama, and writing complex and compelling characters. I am just not feeling this particular run partially because of how much is going on at the same time and because I am not a big fan of ‘Harley in Space’. Okay, so she is not in some intergalactic plane. The interstellar is on Earth. Still, we just had this fairly recently. It’s a great companion piece if you enjoyed the Harley Quinn/Power Girl crossover which I was ‘meh’ on. I would say that it because Harley is  a colorful character in her own right that she doesn’t need to be around a three headed T-Rex or a naked anthropomorphic cat who looks like he came out from 2009’s ‘Avatar’.

My verdict: Lots of great ideas, too much seasoning on my sandwich.


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