“Nether Regions” comes to an end in this issue. There were a lot of engaging ideas. They were like little bread crumbs that make me look forward to future issues. However, I cannot really say that the storyline ‘got to me’, even in a superficial (and superfan) of Harley. I hate to say this because the creative team has this magical formula for their vision of Harley. That is not to say that they are losing their touch. Far from it. This was the first time since I began to collect the run that I felt that the ideas were stretched too thin.

“Oh come on, it’s a Harley comic, not the Canterbury Tales!” Too true, but I am not arguing that Harley should be a ‘high brow’ comic. I just felt that this arc was one of the weakest.

  1. Zorcrom is this powerful being who is easily manipulated.
  2. I have nothing against Power Girl herself, but it felt like a revisit of the Harley/Power Girl crossover. Except a little less inspired. I did like the first arc because it was new but it isn’t one I read unless I am in the mood for sci-fi.
  3. Cannibal Zombies. Didn’t we just have this?

The one idea that I did find promising was the one about the future story that involves a boxing match where the first prize is the ability to time travel and our winner wants to travel back to kill the person who killed Batman. And that person is our girl. This will be revisited at some point no doubt and I am very intrigued about this idea. However, the placement of this Easter Egg would have had a bigger impact if it was placed at the end of the arc. We get bits and pieces here throughout the last few issues. Sure, it works great as a teaser but it’s tricky to process when I am reading about Zorcrom wanting to breed with Power Girl against her will. The wrestling/boxing idea intrigued me because it reminds me of a DC Elseworld, except it isn’t because it is canon. It makes you wonder what Harley did to off Batman. It makes me wonder if it was intentional because I am pretty sure she kissed him at some point.

Bottom line: There is so much going on that I am genuinely intrigued by but the inconsistency and teasing works more like an extended trailer than as an enhancing part of the storyline.



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