Another year, another convention. It was actually a beautiful day on Friday. I went with a coworker and we nerded out on our way over. I only went on Friday as I have tons of work and a special assignment that I have to do.

The highlights:

Amy Chu: I picked up her Poison Ivy run and I am currently collecting her KISS run. I really liked how she included lyrics from less well known songs in the latest issues. It’s a fun series that has some sci fi and fantasy with realism. It’s great if you are not too familiar with the band history.

Marguerite Sauvage: I asked her for some art tips and she gave me some great ideas. She is a very talented artist. I had her sign some Bombshells comics that I had.

Neal Adams: This was my second time meeting Neal Adams. I picked up a print of the Harley and Superman Little Black Book Cover. He was very gracious. A true living legend.

I picked up Batman Europa and a volume of the Batman and Robin Adventures. I also picked up the Hush action figures.

Our day ended with some cupcakes from this place called My Delight Truck Cupcakery which had these delicious cupcakes. I had a dulce de leche and a red velvet cake pop. I want another one.

I would have gone all three days except that I have classes full time and the assignments are very time consuming. I did find out that next year’s convention would take place just before Spring break. I would have finished with my core classes next Spring so we shall see. There were some panels I wanted to go.



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